Newcastle Cllr Travel Survey 2010

Newcastle Cllr Travel Survey 2010 (Results) [pdf]

In October 2010 the Newcastle Cycling Campaign asked Newcastle’s councillors to give a minute of their time to participate in a short and exclusive travel choice survey.

The survey was unannounced.

Aim of the survey was to identify
– how our elected representatives travelled to a council meeting on 6 October 2010
– what thought process was undergone choosing to travel that way
– to raise awareness of cycling as a mode of transport
– introduce the Newcastle Cycling Campaign
– provide results to councillors for discussion

Quick stats

Out of the 78 elected members 39 responded, making the overall response rate 50%. From the 39 respondents six did not attend the meeting, making the attendee response rate (councillors who travelled to the Civic Centre meeting on the day) 42%. Out of the 39 respondents, 17 want to join the campaign. We will send joining instructions to those.