Chocks away, North Tyneside campaign launch – press release


Newcastle Cycling Campaign Launches on North Tyneside

Monday 13th December 2010 sees the launch of the Newcastle Cycling Campaign in North Tyneside. The campaign which began as a city-wide campaign for a cycle-friendly Newcastle is taking its first steps to spread beyond the city into the other Tyne & Wear boroughs. The Newcastle Cycling Campaign aims to improve conditions for North East cyclists.

The campaign’s roots lie in a June 2010 ‘safe cycling’ petition supported by a staggering 800 local residents which was presented to a Newcastle City Council meeting. The Newcastle Cycling Campaign is led by Katja Leyendecker (safe cycling petition organiser) and Claire Prospert (award-winning campaigner for a better deal for cyclists) who along with others hope to turn the petition’s aspirations into reality.

Katja said “The campaign supports North Tyneside Council plans for the future which seek to reduce traffic volumes and wish to regenerate our urban centres by making them more attractive (and safer) for pedestrians and cyclists. However, we want to see those plans implemented now.”

Tom Bailey, North Tyneside Coordinator for the Newcastle Cycling Campaign said “Something has gone badly wrong when our kids don’t feel safe cycling to school in North Tyneside. It’s time for North Tyneside Council to work with us to prioritise people over motorised traffic and restore a better quality of life to our neighbourhoods.

We’ve already held our first meeting with the Council which was positive although its disappointing to hear that the infrastructure budget has already been cut this year. We need
your help to make our campaign a success, to ensure cycling gets a fair run. The more members who join the campaign, the more we will be able to do! Go onto our website to find out more and get in touch, we’d love to hear from you!”

The Cycling Campaign will bring together the cycling community, cycling charities, cyclists’ organisations and the bike industry to give it one united voice. This will help raise awareness and bring about long-overdue improvements for cyclists in Newcastle.

Name Tom Bailey
Phone Number 07831 833051