Safe Cycling Petition

Katja presented the safe cycling in Newcastle petition (report below) to the City Council. The petition rallied over 800 supporters and will make a real contribution to improving the experience of cycling in Newcastle’s city centre. The delivery agent is the council and we will keep a keen eye on progress of the petition’s recommendations.

Here is the video (VERY slow loading, go to 19:40 minutes) for the official petition handover speech and reply. A big Thank You goes out to all those 803 petition supporters! Here is the Katja’s handover speech and also Cllr Wendy Taylor’s reply.

Full report including appendices [4 Mb]

Separate downloads:

Main report – cycling petition survey FINAL [0.2 Mb]
Appendix a – online survey [0.2Mb]
Appendix b – website [3.0Mb]
Appendix c – outgoing communications [0.7Mb]
Appendix d – media coverage [0.2Mb]
Appendix e – summary analysis [0.04Mb]
Appendix f – postcode analysis [0.1Mb]
Appendix g – comments [0.3Mb]