9 Jul 2014

Newcastle City Council have issued plans and started public engagement on parts of the Strategic Cycle Route (SCR) to Newburn, also called SCR1. In preparation of the upcoming SCR1 cycle safari and for our CCAF progress assessment, we had a really good look at the plans. This article will 'walk' you through the main aspects of the council plans for SCR1.

28 Jun 2014

At the Committee meeting on Monday 23 June 2014 we adopted our first policy covering 'Sustainable Safety'. We want to use Sustainable Safety more, as it offers a positive attitude to creating space for cycling which is such an important ingredient in every liveable city. Sustainable Safety also tackles road safety with a can-do attitude, unlocking and enabling cycling and walking. It does that by respecting user needs and taking a look at the full road network, not just little pockets of improvements. Sustainable Safety is not immune to the vagaries of political power.

15 Jun 2014

About a year ago Newcastle was granted £5.6m from DfT to make the city fit for cycling, or at least make a good start towards it. The City Cycling Ambition Fund (CCAF) was awarded to cities which demonstrated the ambition to build quality cycle infrastructure and re-allocate road space for bikes to enable new people to cycle and a positive modal shift away from the car. The funding has to be spent by March 2015 and four SCRs, at least in part, were to be built.