20 Jul 2014

We recently adopted Sustainable Safety as a campaign policy and said we would keep educating decision-makers on this positive approach to road safety. So when the traditional blame-gamers such as Road Safety GB Northeast have their destructive say again - we would like to remind these "safety advocates" that real safety comes from tackling root causes.

20 Jul 2014
Example of a contraflow in Leicester

From my own experience, but also guidance documents and info sheets (see bottom), it's pretty clear that opening up one-way streets to cycling is one of the most inexpensive and effective ways to quickly improve cycling experience. It of course works - no magic involved - by giving connectivity, reconnecting shortcuts where there previously was a detour and more generally by increasing permeability and route choice.

9 Jul 2014

Newcastle City Council have issued plans and started public engagement on parts of the Strategic Cycle Route (SCR) to Newburn, also called SCR1. In preparation of the upcoming SCR1 cycle safari and for our CCAF progress assessment, we had a really good look at the plans. This article will 'walk' you through the main aspects of the council plans for SCR1.